Book 15, Page 9, April 7, 2021

Venezuela, a country full of riches, with beautiful landscapes, impressive places; it changed out of nowhere, We only see how every day our country collapses like rain from heaven, Venezuelans cry to the see how our country is ending. Only God, our Lord, knows when everything I know is going to stop is living in Venezuela. I had to migrate, leave, leave a mother, brothers, a family. It's hard go out and seek a better life for our

Book # 12 page 045.

First, thank God for allowing me to write and transmit these words, thank you for letting me take this pen. On the 26th of this year I saw death, but it was you who gave me another chance. I suffered a traffic accident when I was moving from the city of Medellín to the city of Cúcuta. The private vehicle hit a fuel transport vehicle, I was injured in my left arm, I was transferred to a hospital

Book # 11 page 043. 06-29-20

Venezuela - Chibacoa - Yaracuy As a coward I left my country for not wanting to fight in it ... because I was wrong thinking that I would find more opportunities. Tell a story? I would like to vent because there are many things to tell. I lived in Medellín, a beautiful and huge land, but I had no options to work, I sold red wines, but they only bought me to flirt with me, that is, with

History 19 page 023. Book 12

Destination destination Where have you brought me? I frequent many unknown places Many decisions to make A teenager not being a high school graduate Looking for work without knowing To fight to survive Now is the time to migrate At the age of 16 My course Colombia North of Santander village of Pacelly There with a nice little job But something profitable Extract coca leaves Knowing that you hurt sobriety Born and used to work But that's not

History 9 page 016. Book 04

First of all thank you for what you have done for my daughter and me. My name is María Roa, I am 22 years old, I travel with my 1 year and 11 month old daughter. I am Venezuelan, born and raised in Maracay, Aragua state. Today is October 22, 2020. 2 years ago I arrived in Puerto de Santander with my ex-husband, my daughter's father. I had already lived with him for 7 years, I never thought

Jozef Merkz — Resident Representative United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Colombia

In the current context of COVID 19, with so many refugees and migrants without livelihoods and some desperate to return, it is more important than ever to give a voice to persons on the move. The personal stories collected by TodoSomos will have an important impact on the humanitarian response that is required, promoting inclusion and support for the most vulnerable. Organizations such as the UN Refugee Agency will continue to support TodoSomos to make sure people on
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