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Book # 11 page 043. 06-29-20
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Venezuela – Chibacoa – Yaracuy

As a coward I left my country for not wanting to fight in it … because I was wrong thinking that I would find more opportunities.

Tell a story? I would like to vent because there are many things to tell.

I lived in Medellín, a beautiful and huge land, but I had no options to work, I sold red wines, but they only bought me to flirt with me, that is, with other intentions; for that reason I decided to go home.

Today I believe more in my country, I want to fight for it, I dream of a better future for my children.

Migrating taught me to value what life (God) gave me …

Thank God there are people who know the life of the migrant. Migrate? Migrating is hard to leave everything yours for a future that I did not find.

I want you to know that I am happy … I will return to my family and I will be better …

Millions of things to count. My country has many riches and opportunities and we dream of a quick solution.