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History 19 page 023. Book 12
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Destination destination

Where have you brought me?

I frequent many unknown places

Many decisions to make

A teenager not being a high school graduate

Looking for work without knowing

To fight to survive

Now is the time to migrate

At the age of 16

My course Colombia

North of Santander

village of Pacelly

There with a nice little job

But something profitable

Extract coca leaves

Knowing that you hurt sobriety

Born and used to work

But that’s not work, I confess

Many people carried away by it.

Having to endure humiliations,

Shameless and forceful depressions

Led to decay

Because of the depression

Of more than one being

The time has come to progress

And settle head.

My concubine, who gave me two beautiful daughters

I will fight for them, for a better family

A better future

Get a profitable job

And beneficial

Many people meet one on the road

Unknown, treatable or some bad thorn,

May God cover them with his divine hands,

Well, one cannot wish others ill

This world already in last

Salvation or resignation depends on us

The value of life